How much keppra will kill you

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In controlled clinical studies in adults with partial onset seizures, the most common adverse reactions in patients receiving keppra in combination with other aeds, for events with rates greater than placebo, were somnolence, asthenia, infection, and dizziness.

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Lower doses are used in patients who have problems with their kidneyssuch as older patients

In all of these studiesthe main measure of effectiveness was the change in the number of seizures before and during treatment.

Levetiracetam is excreted in human breast milkThereforebreast-feeding is not recommended.

A saturable and stereoselective neuronal binding site in rat brain tissue has been described for levetiracetamExperimental data indicate that this binding site is the synaptic vesicle protein SV2Athought to be involved in the regulation of vesicle exocytosisAlthough the molecular significance of levetiracetam binding to SV2A is not understoodlevetiracetam and related analogs showed a rank order of affinity for SV2A which correlated with the potency of their antiseizure activity in audiogenic seizure-prone miceThese findings suggest that the interaction of levetiracetam with the SV2A protein may contribute to the antiepileptic mechanism of action of the drug.

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8 of patients receiving keppra and 20.

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