How much tamoxifen for gyno

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Tamoxifen and similar compounds, the aromatase inhibitors, are used to prevent relapse or keep metastatic disease from growing.

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AAccording to drug informationperipheral edemaswelling in the lower limbsas a side effecthas been reported in 11of patients taking tamoxifen during clinical trialsFluid retention was also reported at 32and weight gain has been reported at 9As alwaystalk with your healthcare provider regarding possible side effects of your medicationJen MarsicoRPh.

Taking tamoxifen may increase your risk of uterine cancerstrokeor a blood clot in the lungwhich can be fatalTalk with your doctor about your specific risks in taking this medication.

If you are taking tamoxifen to reduce your risk of breast canceryou may need to take your first dose while you are having a menstrual periodYou may also need to have a pregnancy test before you start taking tamoxifento make sure you are not pregnantFollow your doctor’s instructions.

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