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Approximately 50 of sales of slimex worldwide in 2015 is recorded in brazil.

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Severe headaches stomach cramps numbness of hands or legs abnormal menstrual bleeding nasal bleeding skin symptoms as rashesitching or redness vomiting and diarrhea happening more often than every hour.

The Danish Health and Medicines Authority warns against taking the weight-loss products Slimex 15 and Slimex 15 New Formula that are sold on the internetThe weight-loss products contain sibutramine that may cause serious side effects.

Slimex is used for treating obesityIt should be used with a reduced calorie dietSlimex is a diet aidIt appears to work by regulating chemicals in the appetite center in the brain to cause a temporary reduction in hunger or craving for food.

The weight-loss product Slimex 15 is available in the form of yellow or orange capsuleswhile Slimex 15 New Formula is available in the form of white tablets:

The weight-loss product Slimex 15 is available in the form of yellow or orange capsuleswhile Slimex 15 New Formula is available in the form of white tablets:

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