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Zetia is a part of an entire program where the patient must also exercise regularly, practice diet control and take medications regularly.

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Information about Zetia.

ZETIAadministered in combination with fenofibrateis indicated as adjunctive therapy to diet for the reduction of elevated total-CLDL-CApo Band non-HDL-C in adult patients with mixed hyperlipidemia.

In clinical studies patients reported few side effects while taking ZETIAThese included diarrheajoint painsand feeling tired.

Abdominal fullness black tarry stools bleeding gums bloating blood in urine or stools chills constipation darkened urine fast heartbeat fever gaseous abdominal pain general tiredness or weakness indigestion largehive-like swelling on faceeyelidslipstonguethroathandslegsfeetsex organs loss of appetite light-colored stools muscle cramps or spasms muscular tendernesswasting or weakness nausea pains in stomachside or abdomenpossibly radiating to the back pinpoint red spots on skin recurrent fever severe nausea skin rash unusual bleeding or bruising upper right abdominal pain vomiting yellow eyes or skin.

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selling zetia ezetimibe and vytorin ezetimibe simvastatin in this therapeutic area despite a small effect on cardiovascular outcomes.

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