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You have to know everything about the medicine before you begin to use the abilify discount offers for it.

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Information about Abilify.

The Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against Bristol-Myers Squibb alleging the drug company promoted Abilify for off-label use, in violation of federal law. The lawsuit alleges the drug was promoted for use in the treatment of dementia-related psychosis and for pediatric use. The lawsuit was settled for $515 million.

In clinical trials, Abilify was tested against placebo-controlled groups in acutely relapsed patients with schizophrenia. Three of the four short-term trials were able to distinguish Abilify from placebo. However, in the smallest study, the trials were unable to distinguish Abilify from placebo.

Patients should tell their doctor or healthcare provider about all their medical conditions, including if they have or have had:

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