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Aleve belongs to a class of medication known as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs nsaids but is not indicated as an anti-inflammatory.

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Information about Aleve.

Avoid aspiin oth pain livs. Incasd isk GI bld with anticoagulants, coticostoids, oth OTC x NSAID-containing poducts (g, ibupon, napoxn, oths), ?3 alcoholic dinks/day, polongd us. Caution with diutics.

This dug passs intbast milk and may hav undsiabl cts on a nusing inant. Consult you doctbbast-ding.

Kidny poblms – littl nuinating, painul diicult uination, swlling in you t ankls, ling tid shot bath;

Old adults may b msnsitiv tth sid cts this dug, spcially stomach/intstinal blding and kidny poblms.

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naproxen aleve is another over the counter nsaid.

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