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Vintage 1963 anacin doctors recommend the most woman with headqache print ad.

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Y’s syndom: Childn and tnags whhav a coving om chickn pox lu-lik symptoms should not us this poduct. Whn using this poduct, i changs in bhaviwith nausa and vomiting occu, consult a doctbcaus ths symptoms could b an aly sign y’s syndom, a a but sious illnss.

Bcaus th TV ads, Hyun ound viws cam away with a bli that Anacin was not only a pain-liv but “is alsgood tnsion, nvs, stss, atigu and dpssion, and hlps tcop with th odinay stsss vyday li.” Th vidnc psntd duing haings showd thos claims tb als, th judg uld.

Avoid dinking alcohol whil you a taking Anacin. Alcohol may incas you isk stomach blding.

Aspiin and cain is a combination poduct usd ttat hadachs, muscl pain, minathitis pain, and v body achs causd by th common cold. Aspiin and cain is somtims usd ttat pvnt hat attacks, stoks, and chst pain (angina). Aspiin and cain should b usd cadiovascula conditions only und th supvision a docto.

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anacin af can be chewed thoroughly before swallowing it, as it is a chewable drug.

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