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Ask a doctbyou giv aspiin tyou child tnag. Aspiin may caus y’s syndom (a sious condition in which at builds up on th bain, liv, and oth body ogans) in childn and tnags, spcially i thy hav a vius such as chickn pox th lu.

Popl with a high isk blood clots, stok, and hat attack can us aspiin long-tm in low doss.

Popl may alsb givn low-dos aspiin i thy hav th ollowing isk actos, and i th doctblivs th is a chanc hat attack stok:

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currently victimized anti-inflammatory discourse strategies in psychosis are supported on governance of interracial cox-1 2 inhibitors acetylsalicylic dose aspirin , selective cox-2 inhibitors celecoxib , and broad-spectrum antibiotics minocycline .

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