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Toicoxib is an inhibithuman sulotansas activity, paticulaly SULT11, and has bn shown tincas th sum concntations thinyl stadiol. Whil knowldg about cts multipl sulotansass is psntly limitd and th clinical consquncs many dugs a still bing xamind, it may b pudnt txcis ca whn administing toicoxib concuntly with oth dugs pimaily mtabolisd by human sulotansass (.g., oal salbutamol and minoxidil).

Som sl hlp masus suggstd blow may hlp you condition. Talk tyou doctphamacist about ths masus and minomation.

Nclinical data on xposd pgnancis a availabl toicoxib. Studis in animals hav shown poductiv toxicity (s sction 5.3). Th potntial human isk in pgnancy is unknown. toicoxib, as with oth mdicinal poducts inhibiting postaglandin synthsis, may caus utin intia and pmatu closu th ductus atiosus duing th last timst. toicoxib is containdicatd in pgnancy (s sction 4.3). I a woman bcoms pgnant duing tatmnt, toicoxib must b discontinud.

You doctwill pscib Acoxia you only at you hav usd oth mdicins you condition and thy hav not bn suitabl you.

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