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9 facts about brahmi bacopa monnieri .

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Information about Brahmi.

Urinary tract obstructionBacopa might increase secretions in the urinary tractThere is concern that this could worsen urinary obstruction.

Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database rates effectiveness based on scientific evidence according to the following scaleEffectiveLikely EffectivePossibly EffectivePossibly IneffectiveLikely Ineffectiveand Insufficient Evidence to Ratedetailed description of each of the ratings

People also take brahmi to treat backachehoarsenessmental illnessepilepsyjoint painand sexual performance problems in both men and womenIt is also sometimes used as awater pill

Scientific Name(sBacopa monnieriLWettstFamilyScrophulariaceaefigwortsalso known as Bacopa monnieraHerpestis monnieraor Moniera cuneifolia.

Brahmi is used for Alzheimer’s diseaseimproving memoryanxietyattention deficit-hyperactivity disorderADHDallergic conditionsirritable bowel syndromeand as a general tonic to fight stress.

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