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Old adults may b msnsitiv tth sid cts this dug, spcially dizzinss, dowsinss, hatstok, mmoy poblms, diiculty uinating, and constipation. Dizzinss and dowsinss can incas th isk alling.

Us caution whn diving, opating machiny, poming oth hazadous activitis. Atan may caus dizzinss blud vision. I you xpinc dizzinss blud vision, avoid ths activitis.

This dug can caus dcasd swating, which could caus a sv is in you body tmpatu (hypthmia). Th isk this sious sid ct is gat in hot wath, duing vigoous xcis, and/i you dink alcohol. Dink plnty luids and dss lightly whil in hot wath and whn xcising. I you xpinc signs hypthmia such as mntal/mood changs, hadach, dizzinss, pomptly sk cool ai-conditiond shlt and/stop xcising, and sk immdiat mdical attntion. Consult you doctmdtails.

Liquid oms this poduct may contain alcohol. Caution is advisd i you hav diabts, alcohol dpndnc, liv disas. Som mdications (.g., disuliam, mtonidazol) may caus a sious action whn combind with alcohol. Tll you docti you a taking any mdication that should not b usd with alcohol. Ask you doctphamacist about using this poduct saly.

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