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You can take clonidine alone or in combination with other medications to lower blood pressure.

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Information about Clonidine.

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Call your doctor if you are sick with vomitingProlonged illness can make it harder for your body to absorb this medicinewhich may lead to withdrawal symptomsThis is especially important for a child taking clonidine.

Monitor heart rate in patients receiving clonidine concomitantly with agents known to affect sinus node function or AV nodal conductione.gdigitaliscalcium channel blockers and beta-blockersSinus bradycardia resulting in hospitalization and pacemaker insertion has been reported in association with the use of clonidine concomitantly with diltiazem or verapamil.

Read about diabetic peripheral neuropathy and exercises to manage nerve painLearn how to cope with the symptoms of diabetic.

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