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If treatment with copegus is necessary, breast-feeding should be stopped.

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This is because ribavirin can severely damage the fetusPregnancy should not be planned while you or your partner are on this therapyIf you are planning to have a babyyou should wait six months after therapy has been stoppedRibavirin can also be toxic to sperm.

To make sure you can safely take ribavirintell your doctor if you have any of these other conditions:

Sometimes in real life the cure rates can be lower than they are in clinical trials.

Serious adverse events include neuropsychiatric disorderssuicidal ideation and suicide attemptserious and severe bacterial infectionsbone marrow toxicitycytopenia and rarelyaplastic anemiacardiovascular disordershypertensionarrhythmias and myocardial infarctionhypersensitivityincluding anaphylaxisendocrine disordersincluding thyroid disorders and diabetes mellitusautoimmune disordersincluding psoriasis and lupuspulmonary disordersdyspneapneumoniabrochiolitis obliteransinterstitial pneumonitis and sarcoidosiscolitisulcerative and hemorrhagic/ischemiccolitispancreatitisand opthalmologic disordersdecrease or loss of visionretinopathy including macular edema and retinal thrombosis/hemorrhagesoptic neuritis and papilledema

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patients whose dose of copegus is reduced to 600 mg daily receive one 200 mg capsule in the morning and two 200 mg capsules in the evening.

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