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Cytoxan may reduce the number of clot-forming cells platelets in your blood.

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Information about Cytoxan.

Use of cyclophosphamide during pregnancy may affect the fetusFetuses exposed to cyclophosphamide may be born with missing fingerstoes and a poorly-developed heartCyclophosphamide should not be administered during pregnancyCyclophosphamide is excreted in breast milk and could cause serious problems in the nursing infant.

Add the diluent to the vial and shake it vigorously to dissolveIf the powder fails to dissolve immediately and completelyit is advisable to allow the vial to stand for a few minutesUse the quantity of diluent shown below to constitute the product:

MetronidazoleAcute encephalopathy has been reported in a patient receiving cyclophosphamide and metronidazoleCausal association is unclearIn an animal studythe combination of cyclophosphamide with metronidazole was associated with increased cyclophosphamide toxicity.

Cyclophosphamide is used alone for the treatment of several types of cancersbut often in combination with other drugs to treat.

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symptoms of cytoxan overdose are not expected.

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