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Lippincott williams matin condensation and fragmentation, cell shrinkage, and thymine pairs with adenine, and cytosine with guanine.

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Mentat uses a document oriented NoSQL database MongoDB as persistent data storageThe system uses the IDEA data modelwhich is based on JSONIt was specifically designed to describe and contain a wide range of different security events and with further extendability in mind.

Paul AtreidesMentat Duke of House Atreideslater Kwisatz Haderach and Emperor Miles TegMentat Bashar Duncan Idaho gholas BellondaMentat Reverend Mother.

The role of Mentat required a certain degree of mental abilityand strict mental conditioningThough not all Mentats were of equal abilityall were typically able to guarantee employment with one of the power brokers of the Known Universe.

Gilbertus Albans displayed the first cognitive thinking and computer-like calculation capacity necessary for a Mentat.

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the mentat scanned images of the planetoids, the refurbished robot ships, and the ct vessels in orbit, calculating and recalculating possibilities.

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