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Information about Zestril.

Dizzinesslightheadednesstirednessor headache may occur as your body adjusts to the medicationDry cough may also occurIf any of these effects last or get worsetell your doctor or pharmacist promptly.

Before having surgerytell your doctor or dentist about all the products you useincluding prescription drugsnonprescription drugsand herbal products

HeadacheFeeling dizzy or light-headedespecially if you stand up quicklyDiarrhoeaA dry cough that does not go awayBeing sickvomitingKidney problemsshown in a blood test

Before having surgerytell your doctor or dentist about all the products you useincluding prescription drugsnonprescription drugsand herbal products

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although patients randomized to receive zestril for up to six weeks also fared numerically better on the combined end point at 6 months, the open nature of the assessment of heart failure, substantial loss to follow-up echocardiography, and substantial excess use of zestril between 6 weeks and 6 months in the group randomized to 6 weeks of lisinopril, preclude any conclusion about this end point.

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